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We are spirits experiencing a human existence together, you and I, on Mother Earth at this time.  We are each an integral part of the ascension of the collective consciousness.  Enlightenment is bursting forth from the soil of our subconscious to our conscious state.  We believe Spirit is helping us to "see" that we are not alone here on Mother Earth.  We believe they are allowing us to "see" that we are, indeed, a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones at all times. 

We believe the "orbs" we photograph are "Infinite Energy" collectively.  We believe it takes effort on behalf of the Infinite Energy in order to be photographed - it must intentionally be still long enough for the camera to register its image. 

We believe this Infinite Energy or "orbs" are standing still for photo ops to clearly show themselves to us as a way of igniting our curiosity moving us to look further into what they are - perhaps to look within to connect with the God Part within us thereby fueling our spiritual ascension.

Spirit Orb Photo Op share with you images we have taken that are indeed, "orbs" that have shown an intelligence of communication.  Images we have connected to Source to discern the essence and... images that are fakes and why.  You are invited to click through the website experiencing the essence of Infinite Energy...

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